Commissions: OPEN!!

Any questions related to commissions? Reach out to me via dm or email!@sarahberrydesigner
[email protected]


- Prices are based in AUD (Australian Dollars)


Note: Commercial usage is within the price of the logo- One orientation only (Vertical, Horizontal, Square)

Note: Commercial usage is within the price of the symbol / icon


Logo Reveal, Title Card, Ending Screen
$50 - $100 (depends on animation complexity)
- Extra costs $25 - $50 per video (an extra size of the same video also falls under this catergory)
- MP4 or MOV file
- 16:9 or 9:16 size
- You supply Logo/Graphic in AI, PSD, or PNG format (Or if you have a Logo order with me I have the file)
(Logo Reveal & Title Card only)
- Sound Effects

Transition / Stinger
- Extra costs $25 (wanting the same transition/sting in a different size falls under this)
- WEBM file
- 16:9 size
- Sound Effects
- You supply Logo/Graphic in AI, PSD, or PNG format (Or if you have a Logo order with me I have the file)

MVs, Stream Screen, Other Motion Work

Terms & Conditions

UPDATED 03.11.2023

What I will not accept
- Work that is related to usage with NFT, Crypto, and blockchain related technologies.
- Work that is related to usage with AI technology and websites.

- Prices are based in AUD (Australian Dollars)
- Payment & invoice will be made via Paypal
- The Customer is responsible for paying tax fee on top of the base commission price
- I can work with payment plans, The Customer must discuss this with the Designer

Timeline and Communication
1. The timeline for completion of the Final Graphic/s is 20 business days from the date of payment.
2. The Final Graphic/s will be delivered to the Customer via email.3. All communications regarding the Commission will be done via social media of choice (Instagram, Twitter) or email.


4. The Customer must pay for the graphic/s in full after signing the terms and conditions. (including tax, and conversion rates if required)
5. If the Customer is unable to pay for the graphic/s in full, the Customer may agree with the Designer on an organised set of payments to pay for the Final Graphic/s. If full payment is not fulfilled by the deadline, the graphic will be withheld from the customer, and all prior payments will not be refundable.6. If the Customer cancels the Commission after receiving the First Draft, the Deposit is non-refundable.7. The Final Graphic/s is a final product and payment is non-refundable.


Customer Responsibilities
8. The Customer must provide to the Designer the correct details and spelling for the Final Graphic/s. Any changes in details or spelling provided to the Designer after the First Draft may incur an additional cost.
9. The Designer will provide the Customer with a First Draft (which may include digital drafts of the Final Graphic/s), and the Customer must provide feedback within a week of receiving the First Draft. The Customer may request for major or minor revisions.10. Major revisions after the first draft (ie second draft & more) will incur additional costs. Major revisions include: changing the design elements (eg, from a star to a flower, changing the style of design elements to a different style), asking for additional design elements upon initial draft, and changing the layout of the graphic/s (horizontal to vertical).11. Minor revisions will not incur additional costs. Minor revisions include: changing the spelling, changing colours, and re-arranging existing design elements in another location.12. The Designer will incorporate any revisions from the First Draft and provide the Customer with a Second Draft. Once the Customer has approved the Second Draft, any additional Major revisions will incur additional costs and revision of the deadline.13. The Customer will not make any changes (including editing, re-arranging design elements, or filters) to the Final Graphic/s. The Final Graphic must remain as is in The Customer's content.14. The Customer will not use elements in the Final Graphic as design elements for their own graphics, videos, and other creative content.


15. The Customer owns personal and commercial use (commercial use for logo and symbol only) for the final graphic/s.
16. The Customer does not have to credit the Designer, but cannot claim the final graphic is made by the Customer.17. The Designer is not responsible for third-party printing issues if the Customer wishes to print the graphic/s on merchandise or printing products.18. The Designer can use the final design for their gallery, portfolio, self-promotion, and as an example for sales.


Order Form

Interested in what you see? Fill out the order form below and I will reach out to you to discuss the commission further!(Depending on how busy I am or if commissions are open/closed, you may not receive a response right away!)